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Dina| Marko| Svit

Which word describes you well?

That would be sport. As I come from a family of sport enthusiasts, it is perhaps not surprising that I took up sport at an early age. My photography has benefited from the discipline I developed through sport. With discipline, I find it becomes easier to define the goals, the approach, the obstacles that may arise, not to mention its other advantages.

How do you interpret the phrase "to trap a soul in the lens"?

For me, this means capturing the moment when there's no division between the lens and the model, so that genuine personality shines through. If you are good at it, their personal energy directly imprints the photo. Faces carry stories with them. Speaking of portraits, I find very appealing this possibility to identify one true reflection that tells the story, out of many. It's not so easy to make a good portrait. One needs to establish a genuine contact and relationship with the person, allow her/him to open. And in this, you can not "go solo".

You deal with beauty daily ... has your work made you more aesthetic or more picky?

I was one to begin with (laughter). In the photography anyway, you strive for perfection. Sense of aesthetics is already inherent in us, the beauty attracts us all. As a photographer, you are constantly looking for that perfect shot. But when you want to depict a moment of pure beauty, with the lens facing some conventional non-beauty, that is when it gets really interesting.

What do you see as the biggest handicap of Slovenian fashion models?

Lack of self-criticism can be fatal for model's career. This usually goes hand in hand with a general reluctance for professional work. Without this, even the most beautiful face cannot stand out from the anonymous masses of fashion amateurism. And conversely, someone who is constantly improving his skills will be able to gain opportunities, where others see only obstacles.

What's a must-have for a good model?

Model's charisma is vital for good shooting. Especially in this business, someone with no energy, just stooping listless in front of the camera, can not sell a convincing story. Jana Koteska, in my opinion, is a good example of a strong charisma that radiates from model's eyes and body.

Do you have any advice for our aspiring models?

Read, live and breathe fashion. Identify with the life of the model as a whole, constantly observe and analyze the best. Do not rest on past successes and be tireless in the search of new ways for practicing. Keep that smile on your face and a strong desire to succeed. The rest is just details (laughter).