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Dina| Marko| Svit

Marko, you had to be discovered like three times. How did fashion find you?

With perseverance (laughter). It got me during my stay in the U.S., where I traveled as a Tourism student, looking for some life experiences. At that time, I worked as a volunteer for Hollywood Organic Food Market (association that organizes the production and distribution of food, with the proceeds going to the homeless). First, I was discovered by a modeling agent then by a fashion photographer... finally, I responded when I was invited into this business by a model with very good contacts in the international fashion industry. Third time's the charm:).

Why did she succeed?

She presented this business in the right way, I guess. Before that, I never had the interest in this line of work, since I've grown up in an environment with a typical stereotypical idea about modeling being not "real" work. But when I delved seriously into it, I saw that it is actually "tough" work.

But one that offers very nice income. Can you offer us a glimpse?

Yes, well fees can sometimes be a good indicator of whether you are an exceptional or a mediocre model. From personal experience, I can say that once you earn 30,000 pounds for an hour of a campaign shoot, you gain certain understanding of your potential for this line of work.

Which campaign did you enjoy the most?

If one is interested in this work, each campaign offers something unique. If I had to pick one, it would have to be Armani campaign. All his campaigns are, without exception, very well set out and with excellent support. Giorgio Armani has, of course, highest standards, but he also has every little detail completely under control, so it is a real pleasure to work with such professional designer team.

Recently, is there any country seeking particular fashion attention?

With the globalization the fashion industry has permeated virtually all parts of the world. I see particularly Brazil stand out, in a sense. We can see that highest paid models (like Gisele, etc.) come from Brazil and also that fashion industry enjoys special favor there. For instance, various fashion schools have been opened to train future models and beauty queens. They take their job seriously and nothing is left to chance (clothes, makeup, styling, model's behavior, etc.).

How accessible are international fashion heaven for our models?

To those with talent and strong desire, they are very accessible. We've seen, from the cases of Alen Kobilica, Samuel Paljk and Martina Kajfež, to name but a few, that Slovenian beauty can confidently seek its place in the international fashion spotlights.